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Striking a Balance between Quality and Efficiency

22869419_sIn order to be successful in the third-party verification industry, high service levels are a must. Successfully completed TPVs are as good as money in the bank to our clients, and we understand that better than anyone. At the same time, it’s important for us to manage efficiency as well. We take a very statistics-based approach here at Sales Verification Company. Our agents are measured not just on their overall completion percentage, but also on their average talk time per verification. Less time spent per verification means shorter hold times, which translates neatly into happier customers and more successful TPVs.

We take every step possible to ensure that our verifications are carried out in the most time-efficient manner possible. We continue to drive improvement with coaching, training, and bonuses for our best agents. Those who exceed their talk time goals are recognized for their achievements with various incentives, driving constant competition to be the best.

We also recognize that the balance between quality and efficiency is equally important. Pushing too hard to get customers to move through verifications and reading scripts too fast are quality issues that we make an effort to avoid. Our quality control monitors are constantly on the lookout, ready to provide constructive criticism on each agent’s approach.

It’s important to not only have the job done fast, but also done right. While we recognize that our clients are billed by the minute, we also realize that low costs for our clients means that they will stay our clients for years to come. Come see the difference that The Sales Verification Company can make in your marketing campaign. Contact us today for a consultation.