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Slamming and Cramming Violators Face Fines

2733741_mEarly this February, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) handed down more than $1 million in fines to various telesales companies for violations related to slamming and cramming. For those who might not be familiar with the jargon, slamming is the enrollment of customers into a service without their knowledge or consent. Cramming is the unauthorized addition of unwarranted charges onto a customer’s bill.

The FCC has made it very clear that they take these two issues very seriously. Both the deregulated phone service and energy industries have seen past complications arise from slamming and cramming allegations. These allegations are often very costly to deal with, and it’s definitely best to avoid them altogether through a careful implementation of checks.

Here at The Sales Verification Company, we help our clients implement those checks. Typically, companies that receive minor slamming complaints are the victims of a rogue sales agent. Paper and digital enrollments are especially susceptible to these types of violations. A single agent can rack up tens of extremely unhappy customers.

Working with a third-party verifier like Sales Verification Company is one way to ensure that all of your sales are valid and can be backed up with an uncontestable recording. Any hint of deviation from our verbatim approach results in quality control intervention and correction. We can help you limit your exposure to complaints. Contact us today for a consultation.