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Seven Tips for Leveraging Sales Integrity Services

Blog 1Here at Sales Verification Company, we utilize sales integrity services like PCI compliance, live quality control monitoring and many other functionalities. These functions allow us to ensure complete customer understanding of our clients’ products and services. Quality control measures allow us to align our goals with those of our clients and provide clients with the tools to stay a cut above the competition. Here’s how you can utilize sales integrity services to make your company a preferred provider among customers:

1. Make sure PCI compliance is in place. Our PCI compliance allows us to receive and safeguard payment information. This means that customers feel comfortable working with us and entrusting us with their most sensitive and secure information. This level of trust boosts your company’s ability to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

2. Utilize welcome calls to build customer trust and loyalty. By welcoming a customer to your service and acting as an additional touchpoint, we are able to find out about sales agent interactions, gain referrals, or simply make your customer feel more secure about your service.

3. Practice live monitoring of outsourced telemarketing. Live monitoring of client vendors can provide valuable feedback on scripts, vendor skills, and vendor relations. Make sure you are being properly represented by vendors to whom you outsource.

4. Be sure internal checks and balance systems are in place. We have internal quality control systems which ensure we stay on-script and maintain excellence in our interactions with your customers.

5. Utilize A/B testing on welcome calls. By trying different scripts your company can find a balance between customer loyalty and sales upgrades that every company seeks.

6. Improve sales quality. Using quality control calls can help you understand where your sales quality can improve and the value of different scripts. If your outsourced telemarketing is not performing as well as you would like or if the A/B testing appears inconclusive, the issue may be with the script. Doing live calls can provide vital insight into the efficiency of a script. Is the script being utilized properly and delivered as per instructions? Once gathered, this information will affect whether the script is kept or modified.

7. Garner customer understanding. Another fantastic use of the welcome call is to help a customer understand all of the benefits of the service he or she has purchased. This helpful outreach works to maintain customer faith and may increase their likelihood of providing your company with an excellent review.

Implementing sales integrity services to improve the customer experience and refine techniques helps build a happy and loyal customer base. We share your mission: to provide complete customer understanding of your products and services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage these important services.