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Seven Steps to a Quality TPV Product

The Sales Verification Company proudly displays four, block-letter principals on the wall of our call center (and our Facebook page): Reliable, Efficient, Responsible, Accurate. wallThose are the ingredients of our ultimate recipe for success: providing our clients a quality product for their third party verification or customer outreach campaign.

Below is our checklist in reaching Quality goal: Training. Our proprietary training program takes new employees through a weeklong program capable of turning a zero-experience recruit into a polished customer service professional. Classroom instruction and testing, live practice calls and soft-skills training are all part of the representative’s first weeks on the job.

Testing. “Yes, class, there will be a quiz.” We deliver a series of written tests to our trainees as they absorb details of company policy and client campaign specifics.

Drilling. Our management team knows three ways to coach a good performance: practice, practice, practice. Clear Client Guidelines. Our expert staff is aware of each client’s TPV campaign framework: what our representatives can and can’t say. Every member of team also understands their responsibility to correct their colleagues for the good of the program.

Mock Calls. The mock call is an essential element of training. It’s similar to the Drill, but with a little more oomph. The trainee is put through a full-length "verification with a customer," complete with real-life scenarios. The trainer then provides qualitative feedback on scripting and delivery, preparing the new employee for the campaign.

Memos and Refreshing. When a client makes a minor change to its script, our tech teams make can make it live immediately on representative’s screens. But we reinforce the message with an old fashioned memo, dropped at their station. If the change is a terribly tough tongue twister, we’ll pull the representatives from the phones and have them do a “refresher” on the script in a training area.

Same-Day Monitoring and Correcting. Our team of quality assurance monitors follows closely behind their team of TPV representatives. If any corrective action needs to be taken or adjustments made to the script delivery, we all want that particular call fresh in our minds.

Perform Calibration Calls. We choose a random recording of a verified transaction and review the call with the client. This “calibration” resets expectations and ensures everybody is on the same page in grading the calls. Calibration calls are an invaluable training tool and gives the client great insight into our process.

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.