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Scripting Makes Third Party Verification A Success

At The Sales Verification Company, we pride ourselves on the “soft skills” of our TPV representatives: those basic human communications that are the hallmark of live operator TPV. Blog 2Patience, clarity, a calm demeanor and a pleasant voice are all attributes that contribute to a positive customer experience and a successful TPV call. But a great set of pipes that makes the customer hang on every word doesn’t do any good if the message isn’t clear or the words tangle in confusion.

In the end, it all comes down to the script.

Our scripting team at The Sales Verification Company is responsible for the input into our system and continued maintenance of the message.

Our clients provide the “nuts and bolts” of the campaign scripts, of course, covering off the pertinent program details and regulatory requirements. Beyond that, though, the scripts need to have a natural flow. The representatives need a clean and easy interface between the prompt screens and the customer, ensuring efficient performance and quality.

The process begins with the initial input into the system. And while a script might look good on paper, it often needs further refinement with feedback from the representatives.

Some changes involve the art of communication, while others revolve around the facts such as pricing and terms. Changes often need to be implemented on the fly, and the scripting team ensures proper procedures are followed and the changeover is a smooth one.

“Strong communication is one of our strengths,” President Jonathan Lo Bue said. “Between our scripting team, floor supervisors, account managers, and ultimately back to the client, it’s extremely important that we’re all on the same page, and that information is conveyed quickly and accurately. Our scripting team is a big part of that process."

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