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Rogue Agent Causes Severe Issues for Supplier

1536779_mThe Connecticut Public Utility Regulatory Authority has ordered retail supplier Palmco Power to cease all door-to-door sales until further investigation is conducted regarding a recent complaint. The complaint itself is not something that is entirely unheard of in the energy industry. Reports from Eversource (CL&P) indicate that a sales agent was going door to door and misrepresenting some affiliation with the utility. Rogue agents claiming to be with the utility applying a “discount” to customers' bills are common, unfortunately.

The difference here is that this was not an isolated incident. According to the PURA, a total of 26 complaints have been made against the same supplier in the past three years.

In its order, PURA stated, "When any third party agent acts on behalf of, or is compensated by Palmco, that party is a Palmco's legal agent pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §16-245o(h). When acting on behalf of Palmco, all legal agents of Palmco must make it clear that consumers are dealing with Palmco and not any other company."

This order underscores the importance of a solid sales verification system. On the front end, it prevents bogus sales from coming back and causing complaints later on down the road. This helps our clients preserve their brand reputation and integrity.
 The additional benefit that comes from working with The Sales Verification company is our level of ongoing support and interaction. Repeated rejected verifications involving customers under the impression that the agent was working for the utility would certainly arouse suspicion and warrant a call to the client. Chances are good that if this situation resulted in 2 complaints that it actually happened many more times.

We take our clients' reputations very seriously here at The Sales Verification Company, and we take every step possible to stop issues like this in their tracks. Contact us for a consultation and let one of our account managers show you how we do things.