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Rhode Island Plans to Alter Customer Notifications

27663231_sFollowing in the footsteps of other states adopting similar legislation, Rhode Island Democratic State Representative Patrick Kennedy has introduced a bill to establish an Electric Customer Bill of Rights. The draft bill has been referred to the House Corporations committee for review. It can be viewed in its current form here. Specifically, the bill is designed to introduce several informative changes to customers' invoices. As the bill currently reads, customer invoices would be required to include details such as the term, contract type, expiration date, cancellation fee, price to compare, and default service rate.

Other important changes include a limitation of termination fees for residential customers to a maximum of fifty dollars or twice the customers’ monthly supply service charges, whichever is less.

We are following this bill because it contains certain provisions that revise the scripting requirements for third-party verifications. Specifically, there will be a new requirement to notify customers and gain their consent as to how they will be notified of any potential rate changes at the end of their contract.

With the number of other changes to requirements for customer notification, there will undoubtedly be other implications for third-party verifications beyond just this. Legislation like this has been very successful in other states, so it is likely that this will advance past committee. This bill will be an important one for our clients to watch, going forward.

Here at the Sales Verification Company, we strive to provide an all-inclusive service to our clients. We do everything that we can to keep them on top of third party verification requirements before compliance issues come back around to bite them. We collaborate with our clients in developing scripts that adhere to all current regulation and legislation. Contact us today for a consultation.