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Remote Monitoring Can Save Your Brand

Many companies employ outsourced organizations to boost their sales efforts or handle the customer care function. It’s a simple matter of resources: easier to hire a professional than to try to do everything yourself. gearBut how do you really know if your sales team or customer care group is representing your brand and products in a way that makes you proud? There's a lot at stake. Remote monitoring is the answer.

Most companies listen in occasionally on their vendors, and spot checks can certainly be effective in keeping everything running smoothly. But more often it's the concept of continued random, remote monitoring that’s keeps the vendors in line. Again, it often comes down to resources, and most companies can't afford as many hours as they’d like devoted to monitoring.

Sales Verification Company can supplement your monitoring efforts. It’s a simple solution to improve customer services and telesales efficiency and prevent systematic breakdowns that lead to unpleasant customer experiences.

Call monitoring works by having our third party quality assurance team plug into our client’s vendor and monitor the calls as they progress. We can ensure that your script and regulatory guidelines are followed, and make note of any trends of customer reaction or other areas in need of improvement.

This quantitative and qualitative data is provided back to the client through their Account Manager, along with professional suggestions on ways to improve the customer experience.

With live monitoring feedback from Sales Verification Company, our clients can:

-- Address issues with employees that will improve their phone skills.

-- Look for fundamental issues that can be addressed by the management team.

-- Create internal policies and training programs to improve vendor performance and enhance customer experience.

By proactively working with Sales Verification Company, you can get ahead of any major trends, improving the customer experience and significantly improving customer retention. Contact us to learn more.