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Regulators Push Toward Increased Verification

In an ongoing effort to increase consumer protection safeguards in the retail energy industry, two regulatory entities have recently floated a double-verification requirement. 5535502_sIn a recent hearing of the Illinois Commerce Commission concerning new rules for the retail electric marketing and disclosure rules, two Administrative Law Judges proposed the need for both a letter of agency (LOA) and a third party verification for “in-person” solicitation of a residential or small commercial customer.

This draft order comes on the heels of a proposal by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission last fall, which also called for a double verification requirement for door-to-door sales.

In that case, the PSC proposal would add the need for a written LOA within five days of a sale conducted over the telephone, and a recorded TPV in addition to the signed contract for an in-person sale.

Not surprisingly, retail marketers responded negatively to the proposals, insisting that the requirements would be impossible to execute effectively and would increase customer confusion.

Regardless of how and in what form the new proposals are implemented, it’s clear that the shift in the energy sector is toward increased verification procedures. Contact Sales Verification Company today to learn about how our products and services can protect your sales initiative.