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Quality Live Calls Promote Customer Satisfaction

35026416_sHere at Sales Verification Company, we recognize that call quality is paramount on live operator calls. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a customer in verification, and we take steps to ensure that every good sale makes it through the verification process as efficiently as possible. The first area to target is hold time, since a long hold can easily cause a busy customer to lose interest. We have industry-leading low hold times. We know when to anticipate peak customer load and adjust our staff accordingly. Through careful management, we make sure that your incoming verification calls are handled as quickly as possible.

Our next target is the overall customer experience. Our verifiers are carefully trained in this area, from multiple angles. Script practice is paramount, since a jerkily read script can make a verification difficult to understand. Beyond just that, we coach our agents in how to sound professional, courteous, and accommodating throughout the entire call.

The final issue is question handling, which can be a tricky issue for some campaigns. Sometimes, regulation will not allow our verifiers to answer any questions, even if the question is covered in the script. Other times, we can objectively clarify the script’s contents to make it more understandable. Either way, our agents are given the tools to understand how to handle questions for each campaign, and how to produce quality verifications every time.

Sales Verification Company has been a frontrunner in the third-party verification industry for more than a decade. Contact us today for a consultation to find out why we’re so successful!