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Quality Assurance Requires Team Effort

Mistakes and oversights are bound to occur in any human endeavor. It’s how you deal with them that counts. magnifyPencils have erasers. Keyboards have backspace keys. At The Sales Verification Company, it is our Quality Control department.

Our dedicated team of quality assurance monitors listen to recorded verification call and make sure they are up to the standards expected by our clients and demanded of ourselves.

When a monitor hears an error or misstep, it’s reported to the Quality Control Team, who follows up with the TPV representative for a quick reminder or coaching session to help avoid the error in the future.

The feedback loop between the client, representative Quality Control team and Account Manager is vital element in our constant effort to improve our service and efficiency.

“Our monitors continually look for areas of improvement in the script delivery and data entry,” President Jonathan Lo Bue said. “Our representatives become better with the constructive feedback, and our clients appreciate a second set of ears on the third party verification recordings. Quality is a team effort.”

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