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Proper Speed Prompts Successful TPV

12912632_m"Slow and steady wins the race." We've all heard this saying time and time again, and it rings especially true during third party verification calls. Here at Sales Verification Company, our representatives are trained on the importance of speed during TPV calls. After all, time is money. And while our verifiers must always strive for low talk times, the shortest call isn't always the best call. Sometimes, slowing down for a couple of seconds can make the difference between a successful verification and a lost customer. It is vital that customers fully understand the terms and conditions that are being read to them, so we coach our representatives to speak in a clear, concise manner to maximize our customers' comprehension of the material. If a customer can't understand something, they often ask the verifier to repeat the statement (which lengthens the call), and customers are not likely to agree to something they don't fully understand.

We also recognize that speaking too slowly can be just as damaging to the verification process. A slowly read script causes boredom with customers, and extends calls much longer than necessary. All of our verifiers at Sales Verification Company understand the need for finding the balance between speed and clarity in creating total customer satisfaction.

Our determination to provide value to our clients and create a satisfying customer experience is at the heart of what we do at Sales Verification Company. To see how we can help you optimize your business, contact us today for a free consultation.