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Preparation Can Improve Third Party Verification Success Rate

The key to providing effective third party verification services is finding the sweet spot between qualitative and quantitative performance: delivering a warm, personal interaction while keeping the numbers in line. prepareOne of the key statistics that our clients continually monitor is TPV percentage. It’s the Big Daddy -- the batting average of third party verification. Simply put: Of all the calls that get warm transferred from the client to the verifiers, how many get through as “good sales?”

While that metric has a direct impact on the profitability of any campaign, the success rate doesn’t rest with The Sales Verification Company representatives alone.

In fact, TPV percentage can be dramatically increased if the sales agent properly prepares the customer for the verification call.

Here are our tips for sales organizations to improve their stats: 1. The Customer Warm-Down. After you get a “yes,” but before you transfer to third party verification, briefly recap all program related information with the customer so the process runs more smoothly during the TPV call. 2. Be Thorough. Answer all of the customer’s questions by the time the TPV call is placed. 3. No Coaching. Don’t instruct the customer on what to say or how to answer. Instead, educate your customer on the terms that will be used during the TPV call. Make sure they understand the concepts. 4. Time Check. Set the customer’s expectations for the length of the TPV call (i.e. “a few minutes of your time.”) But the script is a standard length, so don’t underestimate the time required – it will only lead to frustration. TPV is an important step for everybody, so make sure the customer feels good about the process. 5. Be Reassuring. You have undoubtedly built some rapport with the customer during the sales process. Let the customer know that they’re not abandoned to TPV; that you’ll be back on the line after the verification to answer any further questions (only if this is your standard procedure, of course). 6. No Talking. Do not interrupt the TPV script in process. This generally results in a failed verification. And watch any overspill of noise from your call center. Better to just put yourself on mute during the entire process.

Sales organizations spend a lot of time training their people on sales techniques and product specifics. Paying equal attention to TPV preparation is an investment that will pay off in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Nobody does TPV better than The Sales Verification Company. Protect your company, your customers and your marketing investment. Contact us to discuss a third party verification campaign.