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Pennsylvania Publicizes Supplier Complaints

17792439_sA new system has been launched by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) that will publicly catalog all official complaints against retail energy suppliers. The new system houses all formal complaints against both retail electricity providers and regulated utilities. These complaints are being made available in the form of a searchable database, directly on the PUC’s website. Existing complaints can be viewed here.

The PUC has decided to implement this system after last winter’s polar vortex caused widespread unrest when variable-rate electricity products rose substantially. Customers complained that they did not realize that the terms of their agreements allowed for such exorbitant rate increases in response to market conditions, and many complaints were filed and investigated as a result.

While the whole situation is unfortunate, some of it can be avoided by making sure that your sales message is clear. By utilizing a third-party verification service, possibly in addition to a written contract system, the message can be made as clear as possible. At Sales Verification Company, our verifiers clearly explain the ins and outs of your program to customers so that some of the upset can be reduced down the line.

With information becoming more widely available, it is imperative now more than ever to take steps to ensure that your company is protected against complaints to the maximum degree possible. While it may not eliminate complaints completely, having a trusted partner in third party verification can go a long way to reducing the number. Contact us today for a consultation.