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New Vendor Relations Position Boosts Service

Blog 2Very few TPV companies provide a solution for sales vendors to reach the company directly. Traditionally, the vendor has to call the product supplier (which generally has contracted the TPV service) if they have a question, comment, or critique for the TPV company. The supplier then reaches out to the verification company, creating a frustrating “Who’s on First” situation for all involved. At Sales Verification Company, we've recognized this problem and are resolving it by appointing Monique Scoglietti as our new Vendor Relations Manager. Monique has been working with SVC since 2007. She knows our system, staff, and suppliers well and is able to navigate TPV issues for our vendors with ease.

“I have worked with our company for eight years and have had the pleasure of working with most of the staff, whether it has been side-by-side or through email communications,” Monique said when her new position was announced to the SVC staff. “Throughout my years here I have grown not only as a person, but as a team player for the company and will continue to do so moving forward. I will be responsible for ensuring our vendors are being taken care of - and provide very good service.”

Monique has been a team player since she started working here at SVC. We are confident that she will fulfill her role as Vendor Relations Manager with the same skill and courtesy she has accorded her previous positions.

The new Vendor Relations Manager position will provide many benefits to our customers. We will now be able to work directly with vendors to improve sales processes, TPV, and warm down. We are able to correct administrative issues rapidly without going through the supplier and provide immediate answers regarding rejected TPV.

More than anything, however, this position provides vendors with an advocate. Our vendors and our suppliers are extremely important to us and we want everyone we work with to be able to reach out to us easily, without the typical runaround so common in our industry.

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