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Live Monitoring Enhances TPV Function

Sales Verification Company offers the finest live operator third party verification in the industry, complementing our clients’ sales process and ensuring complete customer understanding. Not only is TPV required in many industries, it's also a common-sense investment in customer satisfaction and a guard against future dispute. 9461363_sOur pursuit of quality doesn’t begin and end with a verification phone call, however. Our clients can also utilize our expertise and state-of-the art systems to supplement the standard TPV process and reduce internal staffing burdens.

Live, quality control monitoring of sales vendors is a common practice for alternate energy suppliers and other product providers. But devoting staff to long hours of listening at their desks or in an empty conference room is a costly proposition. Allowing Sales Verification Company representatives to schedule this service cuts your costs and standardizes both qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Our quality assurance team plugs into a client’s telephony system and monitors sales calls as they progress, ensuring that the script and regulatory guidelines are adhered to, and making note of any trends of customer reaction or other areas in need of improvement. Account Managers report back to the client, and can provide recorded examples of their findings.

This check and balance protects the client from any potential snags with compliance, and provides an objective review of script performance and product receptiveness.

At Sales Verification Company, we share our clients’ mission to ensure complete customer understanding of their products and services. A standard TPV call can be supplemented by a variety of outbound and live-monitoring quality checks. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and implement tailor-made solutions.