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Learning the Ins and Outs of Do-Not-Call Lists

magnifyFollowing up on our recent article detailing the ins and outs of robocall regulation, we have decided to provide a little bit more insight into the rules that govern telemarketing. In this article, we will cover do-not-call list policies. First, some distinction needs to be made between the national do-not-call list and an individual company’s internal do-not-call list. Both the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission have rules in place regarding the establishment of internal do-not-call lists. Such lists are mandatory for any company that conducts sales over the phone.

Many customers may find themselves called repeatedly by the same type of company despite requests to be placed on the do-not-call list. This is because each company that is calling is separate and maintains a separate list of customers who requested no further contact. While you may be on Company A’s list, Company B may sell a similar product but has not received your request and may continue to call.

To remedy this issue, the National Do Not Call Registry was created. Rather than have such widespread confusion and so many irate consumers, a single database was created to handle general requests not to be contacted with sales solicitations. The registry can be accessed here.

Companies that conduct business over the phone are required to poll the national registry no less often than once every 31 days. Any number on the federal do-not-call list must be added to the company’s list of customers that do not wish to be contacted. Registration on the list remains effective for five years or until the phone number is disconnected and reassigned.

It is worth noting that businesses are not eligible to request their numbers be placed on the National Do Not Call registry, though some existing state registries do allow this.

It is important for both consumers and businesses alike to understand all of the details of do-not-call regulation. Here at Sales Verification Company, we believe that being informed is important for everyone involved in a sales transaction. Contact us today!