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Hybrid TPV Provides Best of Both Worlds

Everyone knows that hybrids are all the rage these days. But emerging technology isn't just for motor vehicles. The concept applies to third party verification, as well. hybridThe Sales Verification Company has developed a reputation for providing the finest in live operator TPV services. Our team of extensively-trained representatives deliver our clients' scripts in a concise and professional manner while maintaining a warm and personal approach.

At the other end of our product and service spectrum is our Automated Voice Verification (AVV) system, which allows companies to construct and record their own voice-prompted script, purchase credits for customer verifications, and monitor all of their statistics through the client portal on our web site. It’s the perfect solution for companies with lower volumes or budgetary constraints.

Ah, but the Hybrid Verification sits right in the middle. It starts as an automated experience, as customers respond to questions using voice prompts or keypad input. But if they get stuck on a question or need clarification, they have the option of exiting the automated script to speak with a live operator who will help them the rest of the way.

“The Hybrid Verification product is just what many of our clients are looking for,” said Jonathan Lo Bue, The Sales Verification Company President. “It really offers the best of both worlds: the convenience and cost-savings of an automated system, with the security of a back-up operator. Customers are never abandoned during the TPV process, with results in better efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

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