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How to Save Money on Third Party Verification

Your third party verification function is critical for sales quality and consumer protection. As sales volumes increase and your company expands, TPV costs can begin to add up. But don't be tempted to skimp on TPV. It's too important to the long-term health of your sales initiative. 40641165_sHere are four ways that you can work with us Sales Verification Company to lower your costs and get a bigger bang for your buck:

Try automated solutions Automated third party verification services are a great way to go when you are on a tight budget. Our system gives you the ability to take advantage of volume pricing, with no call minimums and no monthly fees or setup charges. If you are uncertain about how much traction you’ll get on a new product, our automated solution might be the perfect fit.

Take Advantage of Tracking Systems At Sales Verifications, we constantly strive to create a more efficient team. We can track key metrics which will allow you to identify trouble spots or tighten the script. We provide information on call length, hold times, dropped calls, verified calls, rejected sales, and more. Utilize our systems to find greater insights into your campaign.

Utilize our Logic Team If you need to create a tighter script, utilize our years of TPV experience. Run your new script by our logic team and allow us to help you build a better script that can be delivered rapidly.

Get Talk Times Down and Verifications Up We have a team of monitors who evaluate rejected calls and find patterns and areas of customer confusion. This feedback loop allows us to get the talk time down while increasing the number of verified calls. We work to optimize our client’s call times and grow the number of verified calls as a matter of course.

Here at Sales Verification Company, we work with clients on a budget every day. If you are interested in finding out how we can save you money while still providing you with excellent TPV services, contact us today.