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How to Cut Third Party Verifications Costs by Filling the Dreaded “Dead Air” Times

At Sales Verification Company, our goal is to provide our clients and their customers with an excellent experience. This requires a balance of “soft skills” and statistical efficiency. SVC-Sept2015Time is money for all involved, so we work hard to keep our talk times down by minimizing the “dead air” of a verification call.

There are natural, conversational pauses, of course, which are a beneficial part of the human-touch experience of live TPV. But there are also unintended, unnecessary occasions of complete silence which can occur when a representative loses their place on a script or has to search for something which should have been at their fingertips.

Dead air can be cut out of a phone call through preparation and diligence. Here is how we prevent those blank silences from dragging out a call, costing both time and money:

Train, Train Train We take the time to train each and every Sales Verification Company representative both in their overall job approach and the specific script they will be using. This extra time and investment on our side pays off for the customer in the end.

Drilling Even when one is trained as a third party verification representative, he or she still has to learn new scripts. This is done by drilling the script until the operator can deliver it to the client flawlessly, with a clear voice, pleasant manner, and at an efficient pace.

Industry Understanding Reciting a script isn't always enough to clearly communicate. At SVC, we make sure our phone operators truly understand the regulatory requirements or brand motivation behind the script, and the concepts they must communicate once a caller is on the line. Real industry knowledge is always obvious to the customer, and it results in a more authoritative and reassuring TPV experience.

Preparation Another cause of “dead air” is the phone operator scrambling to access the right computer screen. We take make sure our representatives prepare their workstations appropriately and know how to access the required programs immediately. This cuts down any lag between words and action, reducing dead air.

At Sales Verification Company, we constantly work to become more competent and efficient, allowing our clients to maximize their investment. Contact us today for a free consultation.