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Handling Peak Call Times Without Missing a Beat

18787559_sThis week, we’re taking a look at one more way that effective training helps us better cater to our clients’ needs. In sales verifications, call volume typically waxes and wanes in a predictable way. In order to compensate for this, we schedule our staff to work at the most optimal times. Even still, peak call volumes sometimes go well beyond what’s expected, and hold times can increase. For our clients, this is generally a good thing, since more business is getting done.

Our training process for all of our staff starts with agent training and hands-on work. Regardless of whether the eventual goal is administration or management, we believe that it’s necessary for all of our staff to understand the fundamentals of how we do business.

This process comes in handy when peak volumes exceed expectations. Since all of our staff has experience as agents working on the phone, we have extra staff on hand to handle the extra call volume. Once hold times exceed a certain threshold, administration staff is directed to get on the phone and help pick up the slack. This means we can handle peak volumes without any major interruption.

Handling the ebb and flow of business is always a challenge. By having extra staff on hand, we can keep our service levels high and our hold times low. We understand just how important it is to move from closing the sale to verification in a timely manner. Neither customers nor sales agents have time to be kept waiting.

Here at The Sales Verification Company, we take pride in driving innovation in the sales verification call center industry. Our services provide a premium verification experience that is second to none. Contact us today for a consultation and see just how much better your verifications can be.