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'Good Sale' Stats Reflect Total Team Effort

The Sales Verification Company provides the finest live-operator Third Party Verification in the industry. Our representatives are trained and continually coached on delivering their script with clear-voiced efficiency, and both clients and customers appreciate our attention to the human element. teamworkIn the end, however, TPV is a numbers game.

Our clients invest tremendous resources in training and motivating their sales teams. When a customer says yes to the company’s offer, it validates the product, their procedure the agent’s performance. Understandably, a breakdown during third party verification that results in a ‘no-sale’ is both costly and frustrating for those invested.

And while the mission of TPV is to provide an impartial judgment - a sale isn’t a sale until the verifier says it is – The Sales Verification Company understands and respects the sales effort.

We do what we can within the bounds of our charge to ensure our clients maximize their investment. The most obvious measure of that performance is what we call our Reaffirmation Rate, or the percentage of incoming calls that ultimately make it through as good sales.

We’re proud to report that it typically runs around 84 percent, which is among the highest in the TPV industry.

But please don’t misunderstand: our high Reaffirmation Rate is no rubber stamp imprint. The verification success we produce for our clients is the product of several other factors that contribute to operational efficiency.

For instance, our time-to-answer is four to six seconds – another industry-leading metric. That means fewer impatient sales reps and exasperated customers likely to drop off the line.

Our representative training requires weeks of classroom education and on-the-job mentoring, so our people are fully prepared when they take the call.

Our monitoring and Quality Assurance teams are not only the lookout for our own representatives’ missteps, but they recognize and report trends of customer confusion around the product or the verification script. That feedback is channeled back to the client through the Account Manager. The campaign is evaluated during regular calibration meetings, and together the team considers measures for improvement.

The Sales Verification Company understands our unique position as both independent arbiter and collaborative partner, and we pride ourselves on the professionalism and experience that allows us to succeed in both.