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Friendly TPV Improves Customer Experience

Sometimes the difference between a successful third party verification call and a rejected one is simply the “vibe” on the phone. softskillsAt Sales Verification Company, we spend a lot of time coaching what we call the “soft skills” of the verification interaction.

Sure, the TPV representative is responsible for going over the product terms with the customer, and it’s critically important that they read the script verbatim. But if the rep sounds bored, mumbles in a dull tone, or conveys any kind of negative attitude toward the customer, the whole enrollment process can quickly turn into an aggravating, negative experience.

Sales Verification Company reps focus on the little things, starting with “please” and “thank you.” It’s important that the customer feels they are having a conversation, instead of just being read a contract. Our people are straightforward and professional, but still convey a basic friendliness that goes a long way.

Our soft skills, properly delivered, leave the customer with a sense of satisfaction at the end of the verification, and it reinforces the buying decision.

To find how our courteous and friendly representatives can extend your brand, contact us today for a consultation.