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Five Ways SVC Can Streamline Your Sales Process

If your company sells its product over the phone, choosing to use third-party verification services is probably a very good fit. On the whole, TPV through the Sales Verification Company offers significant value in terms of avoided costs and increased convenience. 15882881_s1. Save Time and Money on Data Entry Choosing to use third-party verification services means that data entry is taken care of for you! As part of the verification process, our representatives will collect and validate all of the customer’s information. That information will be entered for easy access and retrieval when it’s needed in the future.

2. Ensure Quality Sales Nothing is worse than wasting money on a sale that was made due to a misunderstanding. Not only do you have to deal with lost revenues and potential complications in agent commissions, you also create an unsatisfied customer. Using a TPV service ensures that the specifics of your product are clearly explained to the customer, so that this issue can be avoided entirely.

3. Improve and Customize Reporting In order to make sure that your process is running efficiently, it’s important to consistently measure and improve sales metrics. The Sales Verification Company makes this easy for you by collecting data along the way. We provide access to that information through our convenient client portal, so reports are available at any time.

4. Provide Redundancy Numerous state and federal laws outline very specific requirements for recording information and phone calls for companies that do business over the phone. Keeping track of all of these records and all of this data is challenging at best. The Sales Verification Company offers help here, both in terms of keeping records and in making sure that those records are safe from network failures.

5. Provide Bilingual Sales Support It’s already an added challenge to employ bilingual sales agents that in order to capture a significant portion of the market. On top of that, there’s the added cost of employing quality control and validation staff that can speak two languages also. The Sales Verification Company has you covered: We provide bilingual verifiers that can understand the customer’s intent and provide you with quality sales.

If TPV sounds like something you might be interested in, or if you’re looking to obtain services from a company with a proven track record in the industry, contact us today for a consultation!