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Find The Right Third Party Verification Service for your Customers

The Sales Verification Company offers a variety of third party verification products to meet our clients’ needs. magnifyOur account managers and technical teams continually innovate and counsel our clients to match the level of service to the requirements of a specific campaign or target audience.

Sometimes, those needs evolve over time.

One client recently began with our Automated Voice Verification product to facilitate the TPV for their insurance-applicant customers.

AVV is a lower-cost, self-serve approach that allows the client to build and manage their own script, and requires the customer to follow touch-tone prompts to complete the verification.

The client reports that while the AVV system “performed up to our expectations,” they quickly realized that an automated system was not the right fit for their customer demographic. So they switched to our live operator TPV service, and the statistics soared.

“We learned that no technology, no matter how efficient, replaces the sound of a human voice when making an important decision like buying insurance,” the client wrote. “For these two reasons, we decided to switch to SVC’s live verification service. The results with regard to both successful verification call percentage and the applicant’s verification call experience immediately increased substantially.

“While I can understand how, in some instances, the SVC touch-tone system could provide a perfect fit, we certainly feel that calling and speaking to one of the friendly SVC Representatives proved to be a far better method to service our customers.”

The Sales Verification Company is standing by to ensure you get the TPV results you need. Call today for a consultation.