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Fail-Safe Innovation Provides Constant Uptime

Every winning team has key contributors up and down the roster, but at The Sales Verification Company, our tech-team guys are always among our heaviest hitters. innovationWe pride ourselves on implementing new technologies and innovative, incremental changes that improve our client service levels. We’re always pushing to be better and faster, and challenge our information technology team to find the right solution. Time and time again, management sets ‘em up and IT knocks ‘em down.

The latest innovation at The Sales Verification Company is our Call Fail Safe feature, which removes any barrier to uninterrupted inbound service.

Every verification campaign has traditionally been assigned a primary call-in number. Our inbound service is only as reliable as our telecom carrier, however, and given the volume of calls into our center, each campaign was also assigned a secondary number, just in case.

When and if the primary carrier went down, our Account Managers had to call the client, who in turn called the sales representatives, who had to manually switch to the backup number.

It was a fairly effective system, and the lag was usually only a few minutes, but in between there were generally (and understandably) some upset sales representatives who couldn’t get their customers to TPV.

Our tech teams designed the Fail Safe rollover feature that automatically switches between carriers, ensuring a seamless transition from primary to backup lines. For the sales agents, it’s completely transparent. One primary number. All the time.

“Our tech guys are really the best,” President Jonathan Lo Bue said. “We’re always asking for innovations to improve our business, and they continue to deliver. The Fail Safe system is the latest, but it’s by no means that last. We have some projects in the works that will we feel will be a game-changer for the industry.”

Now that kind of prediction is what you call loading the bases...we’ll soon see if the tech guys can knock another one out of the park.