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Customized Reports and Data Collection Improve TPV

27110162_sHere at the Sales Verification Company, we know that every client has different needs. That’s why we offer customized reports to so many customers. When clients use customized reports, they are able to process data points quickly and effectively, while utilizing the information most applicable to their industry. Another aspect of report customization is rapid data collection. We provide TPV data in real-time through systems like SVC Express. This system allows our clients to access their information immediately and create customized metrics from these data points.

An example of important data points from which many of our clients create custom reports includes:

• Talk time • Call volume • Verified calls • Dropped calls • Rejected sales • Good sales • Sales agent performance

All of this information can be considered in a variety of ways, from comparison charts to bar and pie charts. When customers can manipulate information directly, they are able to process the reports that are most applicable to them and their own industry metrics.

Additionally, customers can easily do A/B testing utilizing the many custom metrics and the real-time data provided. This allows them to evaluate the efficacy of a campaign and can easily save marketing or sales dollars.

For more information on our custom reporting options, contact us today.