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Continuous Training Elevates Customer Satisfaction

Blog 1Here at The Sales Verification Company, we understand the importance of statistics, process, and technology. At the same time,we recognize just how important it is for our agents to practice and implement “soft skills.” In particular, we make every effort to ensure that our agents convey the utmost professionalism in their interactions with your customers. Our extensive training goes beyond practices and procedures, and spends extra effort on ensuring that our agents know how to handle customers.

Handling customers goes beyond just reading the script verbatim. We recognize that unusual situations come up on a regular basis. Not every verification is as simple as confirming the information and terms and conditions. We strive to keep them on track and handle any issues as efficiently as we can, within the constraints of our client's requirements.

Sometimes our campaigns require that we don't answer any questions or provide any additional input if the conversation veers off course. In those situations, our agents need to be prepared to politely direct the customer back to their agent and end the verification if necessary. The more efficiently and tactfully this situation is handled, the better the chance of ultimately saving the sale.

Nothing is worse than calling your verification company and finding that the agent on the other end doesn't know how to handle customers and convey a professional image. With Sales Verification Company, we make sure that that isn't an issue. Every one of our verifiers is constantly audited and trained to improve both practical and soft skills.

At Sales Verification Company, our goal is to add value to the service provided by third-party verification. Many companies in telesales and door-to-door marketing use verifiers, either by requirement or in order to preserve their company's image and integrity. Our service goes above and beyond the basic requirements, streamlining your business and providing a positive image to your customers. Contact us today for a consultation.