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Connecticut to Face Stricter Supplier Standards

Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) recently released new, stricter standards on penalties for unauthorized switching of customers’ electricity supply. slammingUnauthorized switching, also known as “slamming,” is a practice that is punished with a heavy hand in every deregulated market. By moving from one supplier to another (even without their informed consent), the customer may trigger early termination fees and potentially opt in to a higher cost for their electricity or natural gas.

All of this adds up to a costly problem for the customer and a potential public relations nightmare for the supplier involved. The PURA’s new standards seek to take the financial burden off of the customer and place it on the supplier, making them liable for the termination fees and additional costs, as well as additional penalties paid to the state and the customer.

These penalties can be enforced even if the customer did consent but the supplier cannot provide proof in the form of paperwork or a recorded verification. Keeping track of all of this can be difficult, even for a company that has established infrastructure. Harsh penalties like those being implemented in Connecticut create a need for a failure-proof system.

Working with a company whose entire business model is centered on providing independent verification services is the best way to ensure compliance with these standards. The Sales Verification Company provides multiple layers of redundancy and quality control to ensure that every new customer is valid and satisfied. Contact us today for a consultation.