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Call Quality Starts with Verbatim Approach

Sales Verification Company TPV representatives are initially instructed and continually reminded of the absolute importance of reading a script word-for-word. Verbatim is the rule, and it cannot be stressed enough. prepareStrict adherence is necessary considering that the script the representative reads to the customer is a verbal agreement, a valid contract. If the third party verification representative changes a word, skips a phrase or changes the way a question is posed, it may change the crucial information conveyed to the customer. Due to the nature of language, sentence structure plays a big part on how the customer interprets the question and even how it is answered.

For example, the script may state: "Are you the Account Holder?" Simple enough, but if a verification representative inadvertently changes wording just slightly, the whole meaning or tone can change. If they say, "You are the Account Holder?" the question seems more like a statement, or something that the Customer is confirming rather than being asked. This can be further complicated if the representative adds the tag question of “Correct?” at the end. By this point, the question is almost a statement which all but requires the customer to say “yes”.

Reading verbatim is also critical to a successful enrollment because many programs deal with rates, prices, terms and other information that must be and clearly conveyed and understood. If a verification representative reads the price of an agreement incorrectly, the customer is agreeing to a rate that was not previously discussed and might not even exist.

Sales Verification Company takes pride in its Call Quality. The constant emphasis on reading verbatim is what keeps the overall quality of verification high and keeps customers and clients satisfied with the enrollment process. Contact us today to discuss a third party verification campaign.