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Quality TPV Depends on Call Center Reliability

prepareHere at The Sales Verification Company, we’ve invested a lot of time and money into creating the streamlined and reliable operation on which that our clients have come to depend. The most important feature of a third-party verification operation is reliability. After all, a verification is guaranteed to fail if the call can’t be placed. Having a call connect immediately to a live verifier is important, as it creates a positive image of the client for the customer. Difficulties in getting a verifier on the line do just the opposite.

Sales Verification Company has implemented a number of features aimed at improving our reliability. One major line of defense is our power backup system. Power failures are not in short supply for our Florida office during storm season, so we have a two-pronged redundancy defense against this.

First, all of our stations are equipped with battery backup, uninterruptible power supplies to provide short-term outage protection. In case of longer outages, we also have a 200 kilowatt diesel-powered generator in the back lot. This generator can supply power to our entire facility for at least three days, and can be refueled while in operation. This guarantees reliability in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Another potential point of failure exists on the telecommunications front. If our service provider goes down, so then does our call center. In order to combat this, we have a backup carrier already lined up in case of failure. As featured in a recent post, we have recently implemented technology to automatically and instantaneously switch between carriers, without requiring the sales agents to move to a different phone number.

Our innovation is a major point of pride here at Sales Verification Company. It’s one of the reasons we've staked out a position as a third party verification industry leader. We put our clients’ bottom lines first and the rest follows. Contact us today for a free consultation.