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California TPV Trainer Aims For Peak Efficiency

At The Sales Verification Company, we aim to provide the finest live operator third party verification and sales integrity services in the industry. Martin, in training modeGoals and slogans aside, we're always measured by our last interaction. That's why we approach every customer contact with professionalism, patience and respect.

And it all begins with training.

At our west coast operation, the man in charge of rounding new employees into consistent performers, and keeping established TPV representatives on track, is Training Supervisor Martin Navarro.

Classroom instruction and testing, live practice calls and soft-skills training are all part of the representative’s first weeks on the job. But really, the training and coaching never ends.

Martin also cross trains all employees on all programs, to maintain peak performance in fielding incoming calls across campaigns. The continued pursuit of excellence keeps him motivated.

"I enjoy assisting other to reach their full potential within the company,” said Martin, who began his career at The Sales Verification Company three years ago as a front-line representative. “My goal is to get everyone trained thoroughly on all the programs so that we can improve company efficiency to maintain a high service level with all clients."

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