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Automated TPV Provides Flexible Solution

The Sales Verification Company built its reputation on providing the finest in live operator third party verification. 5535502_sBut not all clients need a managed TPV campaign. For companies seeking flexibility and control over sporadic or strategic initiatives, we offer our Simple Automated Voice Verification.

Simple AVV provides an option specifically for those clients whose sales volume or verification requirements do not require a full live-operator campaign. It’s a self-serve, pay-as-you go plan that fits perfectly within any marketing budget.

“We’re proud to offer a full range of TPV options,” President Jason Zitner said. “Some clients need an actively managed, live operator campaign. Others prefer to set up the process themselves, and simply turn it on when they need it.”

Simple AVV allows clients to upload their prerecorded scripts, assign data capture points and customer prompts, and edit scripts as needed through an intuitive wizard application. Once the script is complete, the client purchases call credits, which are applied only when the automated script is activated.

Click here for more detail about our exciting, new Simple AVV product.

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