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Advanced Technology Drives Customer Organization

15383906_sHere at the Sales Verification Company, we pride ourselves on providing a technologically advanced service that streamlines organizational management for our clients. First and foremost is our client portal, which provides our clients with the ability to access their data in real time. Everything of importance to our clients is automatically uploaded to the client portal almost immediately. This includes call recordings, customer data, and a means of accessing the reporting interface and manipulating data.

The reporting platform itself provides an easy to use interface to get a good handle on your sales team’s performance. Data from more than 50 different metrics can be assessed and compared quickly and easily using our proprietary SVC Express technology. Our interface allows the generation of custom, graphical reports through a simple drag and drop interface.

Our SVC Express system also allows our clients to modify their TPV campaigns in real time. Modifications to scripts and TPV programs can be made and pushed onto the sales floor without any additional hassle. Simply make the modifications that you desire, submit them, and we will handle the rest.

We also provide our agents and clients with the ability to monitor our verifiers and your sales agents in real time. This additional layer of protection, on top of internal quality control, ensures that your sales campaign is proceeding exactly as intended.

When it comes to managing a business, knowledge is power. The more information our clients have about the performance of their organization, the more profitable they can be. At Sales Verification Company, we continue to innovate in order to provide our clients with real-time information at the push of a button. Contact us today for a consultation.