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State officials in Nevada are currently considering best practices and developing guidelines for a retail energy choice initiative to be placed on the ballot in November.

They’re closely considering the experiences of states that have already allowed energy choice, and have embraced the ongoing effort to increase consumer protection safeguards. To that end, the Governor's Committee on Energy Choice has adopted several working group recommendations, including the banning of third-party marketers, which the committee says has contributed to the “slamming/cramming’ problem” encountered in other states.

For the retail energy industry to realize its full potential benefit to consumers, product offers must be presented in a clear and straightforward manner and verified by an unbiased third party. It’s all about honest communication and protecting the end user.

At Sales Verification Company, we’re focused on solutions to make verifications more secure and robust while increasing convenience for the consumer.

Our powerful TPV Ninja tool can now be white labeled for energy suppliers employing door-to-door agents. The web-based application has a variety of built-in safeguards designed to eliminate deceptive sales practices, including geo-tagging, time-stamps and IP address capture.

The customer service representatives performing Live TPV are heavily trained to listen for signs that the customer may have been misled or is otherwise unsure of the details of the transaction to which they’re agreeing.

One of the key differences of our Live Agents over our competition is that they are energy experts. They understand the concepts and the motivation behind the questions. They’re not merely “script readers,” so they can better interpret whether the customer understands.

As energy deregulation continues to expand across the country, regulators will rightly take every measure to protect consumers. Sales Verification Company will be there to assist retail energy marketers in those efforts, and provide a secure and satisfying TPV process.

Contact us today to learn about how our products and services can protect your sales initiatives.

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