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TPV Representative Rises Through the Ranks

JuanWhen we interview job seekers interested in The Sales Verification Company, we routinely tell them that the sky’s the limit: that they can accomplish great things within our company. It’s not just a motivational line.

Hiring from within is an organization goal. We always look to reward those who have proven themselves through increasing levels of responsibility. And when a manager-level leader has direct experience in the roles of their juniors, it strengthens the organization.

And with that introduction, we welcome the new Production Manager, Juan Miguel.

Juan has been with the Sales Verification Company for two and a half years, and he started on the front lines as a TPV representative. He was promoted to a floor supervisor position, and then to the lead floor supervisor because of his ability to take control and handle other people efficiently.

As Production Manager, it’s Juan’s job to juggle the delicate balance of incoming call traffic to available verifiers. Keeping wait times as low as possible is critical for the clients and the customers, and the key is making sure enough representatives are standing by and trained to the appropriate program -- but not so many that verifiers sit idle.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me,” Juan said. “I’m proud to have come up through the ranks. I love working with all the reps and the other floor supervisors to solve any problems and serve the client to the best of our abilities.”

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