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Third Party Verifications Through The Roof

Our third party verification volumes are through the roof: so much so that we are shopping for a bigger one. Statistics are how we measure the health of the TPV business. We’re always aware of the ups and downs, looking for patterns of success and areas of improvement. Recent trends indicate that our hard work is paying off. Since the beginning of September, our internal call quality percentage has been on the rise.

Each of our third party verifiers are monitored daily on each campaign. The quality assurance team is trained to listen not only for one-time mistakes (which are correctly immediately), but also for potential tongue-twisting areas of the script that might need addressing with the team as a whole, or even with the client. It’s our goal to deliver a concise, easy-to-understand verification of customer understanding.

And based on our numbers, we’ve been doing a great job. Our overall service level is consistently above 90%, a number that includes not only our accuracy measures, but also our speed-to-answer and our average talk time. One of our biggest clients conducted their own internal review, and our call quality on their campaign was above 96%!

So business is good, volume is up, and all the seats are filled. We’re bursting at the seams, actually, which has prompted us to begin the search for a larger office. More business than you can handle is a problem any operation would like to have, and we’re fortunate that our third party verification service is expanding to meet clients’ needs.

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