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Third Party Verification Team Creates Festive Office Holiday

When trying to rally employees toward common business goals, there’s a lot of talk about “team pride” and “all for one,” in creating a positive office environment. Third party verification is not easy work, and like any conscientious company, we do what we can to let our employees know that we appreciate their efforts. But when they show an appreciation for each other? Well, that’s when we know that the caring, team atmosphere is genuine. And it warms our hearts.

Jacque O'Malley (l) and Sara Goldberg at the party

Heading into the holiday season, one of our third party verifiers had a sudden blow to her health, and was forced into emergency surgery that threatened her ability to walk again. Her brother, also a Sales Verification Company employee, was overwhelmed in caring for her and her five children. Their hopes for a happy Christmas were pretty grim.

Her colleagues decided to pitch in and fill their tree with the kids’ most wanted gifts; a bike, some radio-controlled cars, and a small mountain of Legos. The generosity was contagious, and the giving soon spread to include several other children of the SVC team.

The employees had a secret Santa exchange for themselves, and created a potluck feast. A volunteer decorating committee added the final touches, transforming the third party verification center for a festive holiday celebration.

“It was very happy occasion,” Executive Director Sara Goldberg said, “and one of the most genuine displays of holiday spirit I’ve ever seen. It’s very heartwarming to see that kind of support for each other in the workplace, and I think it’s a great testament to the work atmosphere we try to create.”

May we all carry our holiday spirit throughout 2012.

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