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Third Party Verification Employee of the Month

Our third party verification statistics are through the roof. And while every team member at the Sales Verification Company contributes to our overall success, we felt it was time to formally recognize those who go above and beyond their duties in the execution of our TPV programs. So, drum roll, please, for our first official Employee of the Month, Account Manager Yasaman Garner. Yasaman joined the Sales Verification company in October, 2010, after six years in other customer-service retail positions. Her friendly demeanor and attention to detail made her a natural at 3rd party verification. She quickly moved up to Account Manager, and as such has direct responsibility for ensuring client satisfaction and TPV program success.

"Yasaman is really the face of our company for her clients," Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. "The care she demonstrates in those relationship is extraordinary. All pertinent data and qualitative feedback is delivered swiftly and efficiently. Beyond that, though, she really builds the kind of trust with clients that carries a relationship for the long haul."

That two-way communication is what makes Yasaman such an effective third party verification account manager.

"I give my clients feedback on the ways our team can better work with their sales team to create a better understanding for the customer and increase the percentage of quality verifications," Yasaman said. "We pride ourselves on making changes as quickly and efficiently as possible so the client can launch new processes, markets or extensions to current markets as quickly as possible."

Congratulations to Yasaman, the January Sales Verification Company Employee of the Month.