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The Beast Keeps TPV Production Online

Earlier this year we told you about our new backup generator at The Sales Verification Company, affectionately nicknamed "The Beast." Big and brawny, lurking in the back parking lot, waiting to leap into the fray with a snarl. Earning his keep

OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic (we couldn't resist), but we do want to report that at around 11:00 ET today, a transformer blew in our neighborhood, knocking out electric service to much of the industrial park in which we're located. The emergency generator kicked on instantly and, as advertised, was at full power within seconds. Ten seconds, actually, was all it took for a reboot back to full capacity. We barely skipped a beat. In an odd sort of way, the story gets better when we report that the power was out for four hours and 45 minutes. While businesses around us closed up shop and went home, we kept on providing our third party verification clients with the security and responsiveness they've come to expect. An extended power outage would have cost clients and vendor alike thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Today, we're happy we had The Beast in our backyard.