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Payless Power Rewards Proud Third Party Verification Vendor

Nothing makes us prouder than to exceed a TPV client's expectations. Especially when there are cupcakes involved. The third-party verifiers on the campaign for Payless Power, an energy retailer based in Texas, took a short break from the phones recently and enjoyed an afternoon snack, compliments of the client. The TPV reps were smiling and the mood was light, and not only because of the goodies. The event was a celebration of months of hard work, and a testament to a true vendor-client partnership.

“I couldn’t be happier with what The Sales Verification Company has done for our business,” said Sam DeHoyos, Vice President of Operations for Payless Power. “The feedback they have provided has increased the effectiveness of our sales force. The stats are up, and we see great growth ahead.”

The spark came from an onsite visit to Payless Power by Sara Goldberg and Milly Borja, Executive Director and Senior Account Manager, respectively, for The Sales Verification Company. The personal attention and face-to-face relationship building helped level-set expectations, address concerns and challenges, and cement the partnership that has become the bedrock of day-to-day success.

“It really is all about relationships,” DeHoyos said. “I really enjoy working with Milly. She understands and responds to our concerns, while providing valuable feedback, and the result has been a dramatic increase in effectiveness.”

So much so that Payless Energy felt compelled to say thank you to the verifiers by springing for the treats. The team snacked in shifts, of course, so as not to slow down production. The show must go on, after all.

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