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SVC Earns PCI Compliance for Customer Transactions

Sales Verification Company is proud to announce the completion of its PCI Compliance testing! It's a big step forward in our mission to continually meeting the needs of our clients and position the company for future growth. Below is the press release, issued in June.

St. Petersburg, Fla. – Sales Verification Company, LLC, a leading provider of third party verification services,  announced today that it has successfully completed all necessary requirements associated with the Payment  Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2 designation.    “Providing a PCI-compliant environment is essential to the growth of our industry and our business,” said Adolfo  Quintero, Chief Operating Officer of Executive Energy Management. “Protection of consumer data is a primary concern in our society today, and we’re very proud to provide a best-practice level of security to our clients and their customers.”   Executive Energy Management (EEM) provides strategic direction and management support to a variety of brands serving the retail energy industry. EnergyCare, an EEM brand providing inbound customer service, has  simultaneously announced the achievement of its industry-certified Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for  PCI compliance.   From a practical-application standpoint, PCI compliance allows a company’s representatives to handle sensitive customer financial data such as accepting credit card payments over the phone. It requires a secure physical environment including keypad entry and layers of sophisticated data encryption.  

In addition to the achievement of PCI compliance for its internal processes, Sales Verification Company has  shifted its dialer technologies to a cloud-based PCI compliant vendor, and migrated its servers to fully redundant SOC2 and PCI compliant data centers.    “We’ve made an enormous investment in the technological infrastructure of these brands,” said Matt Judkin,  President and Chief Executive Officer of Executive Energy Management. “We have responded to the needs of the  marketplace and ensured a long-term competitive position by providing our clients unparalleled peace-of-mind  with regard to data security and operational redundancy.” 

About Sales Verification Company and Executive Energy Management:  Sales Verification Company (SVC) provides Live and Automated third party verification services, as well as a web-based  application for verification and contract execution called TPV Ninja. SVC operates a call center in St. Petersburg, Fla., and is  soon to open a new operations center in Largo, Fla. Executive Energy Management provides strategic direction to SVC and a  number of industry-related brands. For more information, visit and 

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