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Senator Ups Bounty on Robocallers

Our clients are in the over-the-phone sales business, of course, so we keep close watch on the ongoing efforts by government and industry to protect and improve this time-tested method for reaching customers. scamWe’ve talked about consumer protections and evolving rules, and even highlighted the inventive “Robocall Challenge” held by the Federal Trade Commission last year.

Still, it sometimes seems like a telephonic arms race out there, as the authorities chase the technical advances and hidden-identity tactics of the robocallers.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer last month announced his intention to introduce legislation what would put a much bigger bite into illegal robocall penalties.

Schumer wants fines of $20,000 per occurrence, and repeated violations considered felonies, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

“It’s (currently) a misdemeanor or less for breaking the law, and if you make one call or a million calls, the top fine is only $10,000,” he told reporters during a press conference.

“The FTC number of complaints has gone up 500 percent in the last two years,” he added.

Meanwhile, the co-winner of the FTC’s Robocall Challenge is marketing his idea. Aaron Foss, a freelance software designer, put his $25,000 prize toward the launch of his company called Nomorobo (c’mon, sound it out…)

Foss’s solution acts like a spam filter for your phone. Customers can register their number at the company’s website,, and as calls come into their phone, the dialer’s phone number is simultaneously checked against the company’s database of known robocallers. If the number is flagged, the call is disconnected automatically after one ring.

Remember, over-the-phone sales and marketing remains safe and effective for consumers and businesses. But any transaction should be followed by a verification call from an independent third party like The Sales Verification Company.

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