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Sara Goldberg Named as Executive Director

The Sales Verification Company welcomes Sara Goldberg as our new Executive Director. Specializing in consulting small to mid size business owners to improve their own lines of sales and services, she has also played an imperative role expanding companies across the nation, from manufacturing to other high tech professional services. Sara has tackled and mastered positions above and within personnel, public relations, sales and marketing, just to name a few, with over 30 years of entrepreneur and consulting experience. On our Team Management page you can view Sara Goldberg's full Bio which details the prestigious work she has done for the Commercial and Industrial industries, in which she was the director of handling all hiring and training on top of her daily duties. She has also worked as Senior Vice President for companies like USP & G Energy and ESI where she oversaw human resources, public relations, marketing, trained staff as well as executives and even acted as a legal liaison. Sara has a reputation for turning small companies with just a handful of employees into some of the fastest growing companies in the US as well as increasing sales over 500% with her spot on re-training and organization skills.

Since her primary strengths are re-establishing and building companies from the ground up, here at The Sales Verification Company her responsibilities will be to oversee our expansion all while maintaining our viability.

Welcome Sara!!

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