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Playing by the Rules

In a world with endlessly changing legislation and the constant imposition of new regulations and rules, it’s important to know that your vendors stay on top of the latest developments and are able to perform in accordance with up-to-date directives. The business of telemarketing is highly regulated and this makes playing by the rules extremely important to the ultimate success of our business. Properly executed third party verifications are essential to the achievement of correctly authorized customer switches from one provider to another, particularly in the telecom and energy sectors.

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has instituted very specific rules and guidelines for Independent Third Party Verifications (“TPVs”) in order to prevent the unauthorized changes of consumers’ carriers, a practice called “slamming.” The regulatory bodies in many states followed suit and adopted the same or similar standards in the statutes and/or rules that apply specifically to the provision of energy telemarketing services.

Among the various requirements of the FCC relating to TPVs are the following prerequisites: that the identity of the subscriber is revealed, confirmation that the person on the call is authorized to make the carrier change, disclosure of the names of the carriers affected by the change and the types of service involved, verbal confirmation of the date of verification with the consumer and a direct statement that the carrier change will be effectuated once the verification is complete, even if the customer has a question during or after the verification process.

Did you know that the FCC also requires that a TPV must be conducted in the same language that was used in the underlying sales transaction? You may also not realize that it is mandatory that the entire TPV transaction be recorded; every single call. Further, it is important to note that a carrier’s sales representative initiating a three-way conference call for verification may not remain on the line after the connection has been established. For more information on the FCC’s requirements, visit

Is your head spinning yet? There are also many other agencies which impose additional rules and bodies of law on the telecommunications and energy industries, and it sometimes seems that applicable new legislation is discussed on the news every other week!

But you don’t need to worry about these things when you utilize the services of The Sales Verification Company. It’s our job to keep abreast of all rules, regulations, laws and standards which are applicable to our business. So rest easy, my friends. We play by the rules.