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New Generator Protects Against TPV Campaign Disruption

What looks surprisingly like an illegally-parked tractor trailer behind our offices in Clearwater is actually our new backup power generator. Contractors from Generac spent several days onsite in early April installing the unit, which should provide significant peace of mind to current and future third party verification clients.

Affectionately nicknamed “The Beast,” the industrial-grade diesel engine can go from cold start to full power within 10 seconds of any local power disruption. Its 200 kw output can power all our lights, HVAC and computer systems for three days, and the unit can even be refueled while in full operation. The significant investment demonstrates the Sales Verification Company’s commitment to business continuity and redundancy planning.

“We understand what matters most to our clients,” said Vicki Norton, V.P of Business Development. “And that is the absolute requirement that their campaigns remain up and running, regardless of local conditions. The new generator means we no longer have to rely exclusively on the stability of the power grid. We’ll be online no matter what, and our clients will have uninterupted access to their TPV programs and data.”

Despite its very broad shoulders, we hope we don’t ever have to lean too heavily on The Beast. But like any good insurance policy, we’re glad it’s out there waiting, just in case.