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Congratulations to the Top Sales Verifier of the Month

Nothing fuels the competitive fires on the sales verification floor better than bragging rights. A little trash talking based on quality TPV metrics drives productivity and company pride. At The Sales Verification Company, it's all about the Top Dawg Award, given on a weekly basis to the sales verification represetnative that achieves the best statistics on their given campaign. At the end of the month, the Top Dawgs square off for the coveted Employee of the Month Award. Congratulations to October's winner, Tomika Jones.

"All the sales verifiers have a good time with the award," Executive Director Sara Goldberg said. "It's a way of stirring up some lighthearted competition on the TPV floor while keeping the focus on our quality and efficiency measures, which is where it needs to be every day."

The Award is based on several metrics including call quality, talk time, zero-tolerance complaints, and per-hour production.

"I'm certainly excited to win the award," Jones said. "I take great pride in my work, as we all do, and it's great to have that hard work recognized by the management team. Now I'll just enjoy the title for the month, and look forward to winning again."

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