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California TPV Office Plays Big Expansion Role

To accommodate our growing client base and their wide target market area, The Sales Verification Company opened a West Coast call center last summer. Tiffany Emrich (l) conducts a training session at the California office

The initiative had a couple of underlying drivers: to employ a time-zone-local day shift rather than requiring extended East Coast hours, and to leverage the predominantly bilingual employee talent pool. Southern California features a more diverse offering of Spanish-language dialects than does the Clearwater, Fla. area.

We’ve made a great effort to streamline the new center into the established processes of our headquarters, as our executives have made multiple visits to ensure a seamless overlap.

Director of Operations Jackie O’Malley and Training Supervisor Tiffany Emrich made the most recent trip, spending time with their counterparts to calibrate company expectations.

Tiffany conducted a joint session with California trainer Martin Navarro (pictured), and was impressed by her first trip out west.

“They’ve got a very engaged staff in California,” she said. “It was a pleasure to meet everybody, and to make sure that we are approaching the training material in a consistent fashion.”

Jackie spent time training her new Production Manager for California, Amy Stottlemyer. Amy joins SVC with over seven years experience in call centers, including sales management and supervisory training roles. She’ll be responsible for all facets of the California office, including HR functions and overall TPV floor production.

“We’re extremely happy with the way the California office is progressing,” SVC President Jason Zitner said. “It’s been a great boost to the operation. And we’re excited to add Amy’s veteran leadership to the group. We expect great things from that team in the coming year.”

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