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Short Hold Times Drive Productivity

The mark of an expert in any field is an uncanny sense for the way events will unfold. It comes with experience, and there is no substitute for it in reaching your goals or running a sharp operation. Third party verification is no different. At Sales Verification company, we've become very proficient at predicting incoming call volumes. Our Account Managers keep in close touch with our clients' sales managers, so they know which campaigns are active and at what strength. That allows us to schedule our staff to meet call demand, ramping up and down throughout the day. Our approach keeps client costs low and employee engagement high. There's no sitting around.

Sometimes, however, call volumes spike unexpectedly. That's not always a bad thing, because it means that business is good for the client. But it also means that hold times can increase. Avoiding customer and client frustration means a quick adjustment and an all-hands-on-deck approach.

The training process for all of our staff starts with the basics of fielding incoming calls and guiding a customer through a script. Regardless of whether the employee is on track for an eventual administrative or management position, we believe that it's necessary for everybody understand the fundamentals of how we do business and to pitch in on a moment's notice.

Since all of our staff has experience working the phones, we have enough to handle the extra call volume. Once hold times exceed a certain threshold, the "reserve squad" takes the field and gets response times back in line. This means we can handle peak volumes without any major interruption.

We understand just how important it is to move from closing the sale to verification in a timely manner. Neither customers nor sales agents have time to be kept waiting.

Here at The Sales Verification Company, we take pride in driving innovation in the sales verification call center industry. Our services provide a premium verification experience that is second to none for energy suppliers located in Houston, New York and anywhere coast-to-coast. Contact us today for a consultation and see just how much better your verifications can be.

Dean Gyorgy