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TPV Ninja Credit Module Deepens Vendor Trust

TPV Ninja is Sales Verification Company’s proprietary web application that has revolutionized the field sales industry. It was a groundbreaking product when it launched three years ago, and we continually work to improve its functionality and value to both the energy supplier and its sales vendors.

The Credit Check Module is the latest example of how Sales Verification Company incorporates customer feedback and industry trends into its product enhancement.

In deregulated markets where the supplier, rather than the utility, carries the financial risk and burden of collections, a potential customer’s creditworthiness is a critical component of a “good sale.” The supplier needs to know whether the customer is in good standing with the utility, and will ultimately pay their supply charges.

The Credit Check Module goes a long way toward answering that question right at the point of sale. Once the customer enters their own Social Security number, credit bureau databases are quickly queried and the resulting information is displayed to the agent. He or she can then close the deal, politely decline, or ask for more information to begin a deposit process.

The Credit Module speeds the approval process so customers go on flow sooner, but it’s also valuable in building a solid relationship with the sales vendor.

When an agent returns to the office at the end of the day, they want to know that the number of deals they closed are going to be reflected in their paycheck. Nothing kills morale faster than working hard on what they think is a solid contract, only to be told later by the supplier that the deal fell through due to credit issues. Too many clawbacks can lead to distrust, frustration, and lack of motivation in the field.

Failed enrollments due to credit issues are also a hassle for the supplier. Cash flow and accounting confusion can mount as money goes out the door to the vendor, the utility failures are then processed, and a time-consuming true-up on the invoice is required to set things right.

The TPV Ninja Credit Module fixes all of that, resulting in fewer clawbacks, happier financial controllers, and a more solid relationship with sales vendors.

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Dean Gyorgy